B.T.T.W. Church

Breaking Through The Wall




Formed in the Fall of 2012 as an online 'Facebook' ministry by Travis & Sarah Melton, BTTW Church (which stands for "Breaking Through The Wall") has grew beyond their wildest expectations to include a Ministry staff of 13 that write Sermons, Devotionals, Poetry & Music Reviews as well as daily Scripture, Inspirational Quotes, Prayers and Song posts, Band/Artist promotions, partnership with the local Project Linus chapter, a prayer group and music page, monthly Give-A-Ways and Interviews with people in the Christian community.


The purpose of BTTW Church is help encourage and uplift Christians, showing love towards ALL and being a bridge for those who may feel like they have hit a wall in their spiritual relationship with God. We want to encourage everyone to never give up but to 'BREAK THROUGH THE WALL' of doubt, fear, addiction, abuse ... etc and claim victory in JESUS CHRIST!


We also want to be a light to non-Christians, showing them a loving example of Christ and friendship no matter their situation, beliefs or lifestyles. We want to e a place where they can come and talk without being judged.


MOST OF ALL we want to give praise, glory and honor to God (The Father), Jesus Christ (His Only Son) and the Holy Spirit (Who Guides Us all)!



You can contact us at the following:


Travis Melton (Founder/Administrator) - 276-237-1606

Sarah Melton (Founder/Project Linus Coordinator) - 276-233-6382


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BTTW-Church/273247246114870


EMAIL: breakthroughthewall@rocketmail.com